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Marriage Licence Pre-Booking Form

To ensure safety of our residents and staff we are pre-screening meetings for Marriage Licence to ensure that you have the correct information needed for before you book your time. 

** NOTE: This pre-booking form will display a link if you meet all criteria for this type of meeting.

If you do not meet the proper criteria and have questions about booking a Marriage Licence meeting please contact our office at 905-683-4550.

Accepted Forms of Identification

Two pieces of government issued identification are required from each applicant. One piece of identification must include a photo. Examples of government issued identification are:

  • Government issued birth Certificate including any change of name certificates
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driver's Licence
  • Valid Ontario photo card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Record of Immigrant Landing

* Health cards and SIN cards are NOT an acceptable form of identification.

The issuer will take a copy of the identification provided and attach it to the marriage licence application. Only original documents or certified true copies will be accepted.

The names presented on the two pieces of identification and any supporting documentation (e.g. Certificate of Divorce) should match. Please contact Legislative and Information Services at 905-683-4550 if the ID for one or more applicants does not match.

The Marriage Licence Pre-Booking Form will display a link to book your meeting or a message depending on your responses. If you have any questions please call our office at 905-683-4550.