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Entertainer Application


Rules and Regulations

  • Submission of an Entertainer Application does not guarantee an opportunity to participate at a Town of Ajax festival or event. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed and a Festival and Events Representative will contact you should you be selected to participate.
  • Entertainer schedules will be forwarded to the entertainer by the Festival and Events Representative if approved.
  • If the festival or events are in-person/drive-in, it will take place rain or shine unless otherwise specified. Entertainers agree to be present and willing to perform despite weather conditions in order to receive payment. 
  • The Town requires entertainers to provide their own sound equipment (unless otherwise specified).
  • If applicable, sound checks must be coordinated with your Festival and Events Representative 30 days prior to the festival or event.
  • Entertainers are not permitted to sell/distribute promotional materials unless otherwise approved by the Festival and Events Representative.
  • The Festival and Events Representative has the right to inspect the entertainer's equipment at any time before, during and after the event.
  • Entertainers agree to allow the use of videos, photographs or snap shots taken at both in-person/drive-in and virtual festival and events for promotional purposes. Any imagery taken at in-person/drive-in or virtual festival events are the property of the Corporation of the Town of Ajax.
  • If the festival or event is in-person/drive-in, an orientation package will be e-mailed two weeks prior to the confirmed festival or event outlining all required information (i.e. set-up instructions, rules and regulations etc.) that must be adhered to at the festival or event. 
  • Entertainers are hired as service contractors and are in no way representatives of the Town of Ajax.
  • Entertainers are required to provide a short biography and headshot to the Festival and Events Representative upon request.
  • Entertainers performing at any indoor spaces will be required to show proof of double vaccination. Failure to show proof of vaccination, will result in the entertainer contract being terminated forfeiting their fee. 
  • Entertainers are not permitted to bring or consume alcohol, cannabis or cannabis related products on the festival or event site at any time.
  • Smoking/vaping is not permitted on the festival or event site.
  • If providing a pre-taped at-home virtual performance, the Entertainer agrees that all performances need to be approved and deemed acceptable by the Festival and Events Representative before payment is released. Failure to provide a satisfactory performance will result in the  Entertainer forfeiting their fee.  
  • The Entertainer shall indemnify and save harmless the Town of Ajax, its employees, officers and agents, from, and against any and all claims, actions, losses, expenses, costs, demands, suits or damages of every nature and kind whatsoever arising out of or as a result of the actions of the Business or Organization, its agents or employees in the performance of this agreement.
  • If performing at in-person/drive-in Festival or Event, the Entertainer agrees to furnish a Certificate of Insurance issued by an insurance company authorized by the law to carry on business in the Province of Ontario. Such policy shall have inclusive limits of not less than $2 million (or $5 million if requested) for bodily injury and property damage. The Town of Ajax must be named as an “additional insured” on the certificate. A copy of the insurance certificate must be submitted within 2 weeks upon confirmation of your participation at a Town of Ajax event.
  • Entertainers participating in multiple festival and events are encouraged to get an annual insurance policy covering third party liability valid for all Town of Ajax festivals and events.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in the Entertainer's removal from the festival or event thus forfeiting their fee.


Please list other events or clients you have performed for in the past three years and provide at least one reference (including contact information and URL of video).

Technical / Electrical Requirement

Entertainers are required to supply their own instruments and sound equipment. Please itemize your technical, electrical and any other equipment requirements that you may have (be as specific as possible). If applicable, please also indicate the type of instruments/equipment you use in your home recording studios and what a virtual show may consist of. 

Festival and Events Insurance and Liability

If selected to participate at an in-person/drive-in Town of Ajax festival or event, insurance is mandatory. Please indicate below how you will proceed if selected to participate.

Note: Submission of an entertainer application, does not guarantee your participation in Town of Ajax festivals and events.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information collected on this form is collected pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001, s. 11(1), and will only be used for the purpose for which it is collected, and will not be distributed or used by the Town of Ajax for any other purpose. Questions about this collection may be directed to the Town of Ajax Records and Freedom of Information Coordinator at 65 Harwood Avenue South, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 2H9 or 905-683-4550.

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