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Snowshoe Loan Program Request Form

How many pairs of snowshoes would you like to borrow?

What size(s) of snowshoes do you prefer?

See sizing chart below to assist you with choosing the correct snowshoes. These are not strict ranges. 

Snowshoe size is not dependant on boot size. Be sure to wear winter boots that provide warmth and stability for a safer and enjoyable experience.

We will do our best to accommodate the numbers you list here, and will confirm actual quantities available once we have received your request.

Bodyweight (lbs.) + 10lbs.             
for boots and clothing
110-160 lbs.  25”
140-180 lbs.  27”  
160-210+ lbs.  30”
25" Snowshoes - select quantity
27" Snowshoes - select quantity
30" Snowshoes - select quantity

Please only use snowshoes for walking on powder or packed snow, as they can become damaged or break if used elsewhere. Avoid walking across logs, rocks, etc. 

Deposit and Acknowledgement

Collection of Personal Information

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